We understand that data sharing can be a very delicate subject. This is why you can be sure that we are very careful with your information, from both the technical and ethical point of view. You can be sure your privacy is safe with us.

Data protection

We maintain all user created data and information in strict confidence and we have the same degree of care protecting this information as we would have with our own. All data analysis is done anonymously and randomly, with the sole purpose to improve our technology for your use. Further to this, we do not share, sell, or give our collected data to third parties, or make audio or video recordings of what happens in the platform without your consent. We strictly abide to the German and European Union federal data protection act.

We care about your privacy

We know the self-improvement process is rich in very personal details and information, and that most people want to keep this delicate information private. It is a big concern of ours to reproduce the comfortable and safe environment which clients find inside a coach or therapist’s office, and this is why we have built our tool with the state-of-the-art legal and technical features available for data protection in the virtual web environment.


The CoachingSpaces app is protected by SSL Security, which is a standard security technology for establishing an encrypted connection between a server and a client, allowing sensitive information such as credit card numbers, banking information, and login credentials to be transmitted safely.

Secure German Infrastructure

Our servers are located in Germany in a secure datacenter infrastructure and therefore protected by German rules and regulations.

Values and ethics at Delightex

Eugene Belyaev, Founder & CEO of Delightex
Dear User,

When I decided to get into the field of human development and build tools for it, I knew that the issue of privacy would be one of utmost importance. That is why I, first of all, would like to thank you for using our technology and the trust you are hereby placing in us. We understand, that the nature of our tools deals with sensitive and private data, and that the only reason why we are able to create such technology is because of you.

We commit ourselves to doing everything possible to meet your expectations, given the technological possibilities. We truly believe that by combining technology, design, and research, we can help people reach their full potential in many aspects of their lives.

Sincerely, Eugene Belyaev
Founder & CEO of Delightex